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Aurore, non profit organization


Humanism, solidarity and secularism

Founded in 1871, the organization accommodates, cares for and accompanies every year more than 20.000 people in a vulnerable position towards a social and professional integration. Recognized of public utility since 1875 Aurore leans on her experience to promote innovative forms of care, adapted to a changing environment.

Aurore aims to professionally reintegrate people suffering from exclusion or insecurity.

• 20 000 people housed and accompanied each year
• 4 000 homes and accommodation places a year
• 1 000 meals served a day
• Aurore employs 1 600 employees in 160 services
• Location : Paris – Seine-St-Denis – Hauts-de-Seine – Val-de-Marne – Essonne – Loire-Atlantique – Dordogne – Aisne – Val d’Oise – Deux Sèvres – Seine-et-Marne – Cantal – Aube – Yvelines

Activities and Services 


Aurore offers a set of emergency response and adapted accommodation for people sleepin on the streets or in insecure accomodations.


Aurore offers care and accommodation for people suffering from mental heath issues, living with an addiction  or accumulating chronic illness and social difficulties.


Aurore offers professional activities and a medico-social support for mentally handicapped adults, as well as support for professional and social integration of isolated people or people who have been trying to find a work for a long time.


The Funding

Aurore is a professional association; up to 95% of its sources are primarily from state and local governments funding.


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