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    Housing First in the world

    09 avril 2012

    Organized by Pathways to Housing and DESC, central players experiments Housing First USA, a conference was held from March 20 to 24, in New Orleans. Sylvaine Villeneuve was there for Aurore. This post provides a first analysis of these...

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    Research using the North American experiences

    08 avril 2012

    Launched in late 2010 by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, within the Housing First program, Housing First experiment ("A home first" in French) is scheduled at 4 sites: Lille, Marseille, Toulouse and Paris.

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    Visite de la communauté de communes de la Boucle de la Seine

    17 février 2012

    Des élus de la communauté de Commune de la Boucle de la Seine ont visité le 15 février dernier la maison relais Villa Esmeralda, pour mieux connaître les particularités de cette forme de logements.